Commercial Garage Doors

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In Vaughan, the name of the garage door firm that echoes at every commercial setting is – Vaughan Garage Door. A garage door is a must, whether we install it in a residence or a commercial place. In fact, these are a must for warehouses which have loads of manufactured commodities. Getting a garage door installed at such a commercial setting is crucial for business success.

Commercial Garage Doors

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Why Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors find use in a variety of settings, like warehouses, auto dealerships, service stations, dockyards etc. Businesses concerned about their machinery and manufactured items go to great langths in security application. Our commercial doors are extremely tough making them the top choice of many industrialists. The finest materials are employed to construct these masterpieces of security.

Certain important factors of commercial garage doors

  • Steel Grade – According to the various properties of various types of steel are classified. This classification is done keeping with respect to a grading system called steel grade. Commercial garage doors make use of 15-25 gauge steel for best quality.
  • Panel Gauge – Panel gauge is basically a garage door construction tool that helps in casting out a layout for large panels and doors. Good and accurate panel gauges are made up of wood and help a lot to design commercial garage doors.
  • R Value – Every object has a certain thermal resistance. The R value is a measure of it. Garage doors with a great thermal resistance are in most demand since they serve the purpose of insulation.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

The 3 most prominent types of commercial garage doors are:

  • Rolling Steel Doors – Rolling steel doors are used extensively. They have a certain kind of steel strip along with them to enable the roll up operation of the door. Also, these steel stripes add rigidity to the door making its movement more confident. These doors are available in several types.
  • Steel Sectional Doors – Since these doors are equipped with multiple insulation and gauge options, they give the best climate control and security.
  • Aluminum Doors – For workplaces where looks matter, aluminum doors find a use. They can be availed in a number patterns and finishes and usually have windows for sunlight and visibility.

Dangers of Faulty Doors

Garage doors give security and add grace to the workplace. In case of a faulty door, both security and grace take a hit. Like any other mechanical device, parts of garage doors too can develop anomalies. Faulty springs, openers or cables can make the door defective due to which accidents happen. We will advise you to never ignore a faulty door. Get it repaired or replaced by Vaughan Garage Door and stay tension free.

Advantages of buying a commercial garage door from Vaughan Garage Door

  • We, at Vaughan Garage Door, deal in all kinds of services related to residential and commercial garage doors. Ours is undoubtedly the best place in Vaughan to repair or replace doors.
  • We have a wide range as compared to anybody else in Vaughan. People interested in branded garage doors like Stanley, Clopay or Wayne Dalton etc. can find the best deals on commercial doors at our place.
  • Our prices are the best and this is the reason why we are so popular. One can surely take away a garage door of their dreams well within their budget.
  • We only sell original and branded parts. Parts have a lot to do in garage doors and therefore we don’t compromise on it. If you are looking for great replacement options for your defective parts in Vaughan, then simply call us.

Need More Reasons to Choose Vaughan Garage Doors

We are a registered and experienced set of people devoted to giving the best garage door service experience to commercial setups in Vaughan. Our wide range and minimal prices make us the best choice among the residents too. Our skilled technicians handle myriad issue within minutes of a distress call.

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