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Garage Door Cable Replacement at its Finest

 Vaughan Garage Doors provides repair and replacement services for garage door cables – one of the crucial working component in modern doors. Cables are essential for everyday opening/closing operation of doors. Yet frail cables lead to many injuries every year. Prevent accidents by taking pre-emptive measures such as timely inspection and servicing of garage doors.

Garage Door Cables

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Understanding the Science Behind Garage Door Cables

The garage door cable is the essential working cog in the entire machinery. Its load bearing capacity dictates the complete opening/closing operation. Basically, they lift the door up and down as per opener’s instructions. After years of consistent use, the garage door cables frail or lose their strength. Rusty cables with splinters coming out can snap easily. These cables are generally characterized as per weight, length and strength.

Cables can further vary according to the pulley or drum system employed in the assembly. They are secured by the vise grips at every end of the cable. Wayne Dalton garage doors and Stanley garage door are few brands that offer genuine cable accessories.

Types of Garage Door Safety Cables

Cables come in a variety of shapes and sizes starting from smaller 3 ft and going up to 12 ft in length. Custom cables can also be ordered for tailor made designs. Furthermore, cables can differ as per extension and torsion spring garage door systems.

  • 3/32″ cable – We provide this only in open loop form for any custom length.
  • ¼”, 5/32” and 3/16” diameter cables are available in thimbles or open loops.
  • Our cables come equipped with a loose cable stop and crimped cable stop on each end. This ensures cable drum accommodates the cable ends perfectly.
  • Length of cable depends on lift style and door type. High lift and vertical lift garage doors need longer cables for operation. On the other hand, the standard-lift doors use smaller length cables due to style and positioning of cable drums.
  • For old cables, our experts measure the complete length including thimbles, spools, stops and loops.
  • For Do-It-Yourself owners, offer oval and stop sleeves, spools and thimbles.

Most modern doors require simple cable replacement. So, pre-assembled cables are available for extension or torsion springs. These cables are available for doors ranging from 7’ to 9’ in height from any door hardware store.

Galvanized steel is used in the construction of cables. There are strands of wire meshed together in coherence to provide durability and strength. The end to end tensile strength of these cables can go up to 1600 lb.

  • Specially designed to lift garage doors
  • Galvanized steel for maximum strength, reliability and flexibility
  • Long life for general winding and unwinding
  • High tensile strength for overhead garage doors

Dangers of Loose Cables

Garage door cables work at optimum tension. They operate with force supplied from the rest of the assembly. The movement of the door depends entirely on the flexibility and strength of the cable installed. Over time, fatigue takes its toll on the cable thereby weakening the cable beyond repair.

Faulty cables can snap back with violent force and cause serious injury. In some models, springs are directly attached to the cable. So, lose cable can also cause spring to recoil violently. You will have a dented car or worse a fractured limb. Such accidents can also turn fatal in extreme scenarios.

It is not advised to deal with high tension cables on your own. Underestimating the potential injury can land you in hospital. Call the professional repair technicians. Repairing yourself is not worth the potential injury.

Release the Tension

We advise some tips in interest of general public. Garage door cable must be handled by the professional repair technicians. But homeowners can take certain steps before accidents. Release the tension in the cables. The garage door must be fully opened in order avoid danger of stuck doors. Place some C-clamps near the lowest wheel of the door on the track. Do not unhook the springs.

Advantages of Choosing Cable Replacement from Vaughan Garage Doors

Why trust us? Here’s why:

  • No compromise with safety: Our technicians never put safety on number 2. It ranks first always. So, only the trusted and tested brands are chosen. The cables are made from high strength materials eliminating injuries and accidents.
  • Perfect Match for Door Style and Cable: We match the cable with style of door and other necessary requirements. Absolutely no mismatch occurs ever. If overhead garage door has high ceiling, we install longer cable with more diameter.
  • All-inclusive analysis: When replacing cables, we also analyze the springs and other components related to the cable. If faulty, they are also repaired or replaced or repaired at reasonable prices
  • Courteous yet professional: Our staff undertakes every project with due diligence. We believe in professional ethics with courteous attitude.

Professional Services from Vaughan Garage Doors

We are a trusted local brand that focuses on Vaughan residents. This attention to localized market makes us the favoured brand for many Vaughan households. Our 24X7 emergency garage door services are renowned. We offer every major garage door manufacturer and offer their complete catalogue. And for the discerning few, we also provide the custom made doors that stand out from the crowd.

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