Garage Door Remote

Garage Door Remote not Working? Trust Our Experts for Solutions

Garage door remotes are the first contact between you and the garage door. At the push of a button, you can operate the huge doors with ease. Every major garage door opener comes standard with a remote – either as key fob or visor clip. This simple yet elegant radio accessory runs the entire show. And when it develops fault, trust the Vaughan Garage Door repair experts to rescue you.

Garage Door Remote

We undertake repair and replacement of garage door remotes from every manufacturer. Simply call us if you are struggling with garage door remote repair Vaughan issues.

All the Power At your Fingertips

You enter driveway and send signal through the remote. But the garage remote doesn’t work. You can get frustrated at this point. Generally, remotes of garage doors are pretty simple with 2-3 buttons. Yet the technology behind them can be quiet complex. The radio frequency detection technology works its wonders here. The radio signal starts from your remote as soon as you press the button. This signal is recognized by the radio receiver located in the garage door opener and signal is recognized for authenticity. Subsequently, the door is opened.

Modern garage doors offer much more than just simple operation. A smart button allows the garage door opener to offer much more features. This one button can operate up to 15 remote controls and can be installed in synonymous with your current wall console.

Rolling Code Protection

Remote controls earlier used to broadcast a password stored in the memory. This was vulnerable to potential threats. So, most garage door opener manufacturers now offer the rolling code technology. Every time the door is operated, a new code is generated. This eliminates the possibility of password theft.

Universal Remote Controls

Besides offering security, universal remote controls further enhance security. Universal remotes can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be programmed to work with many models of garage doors from various manufacturers. Such remotes are simple plug and play devices that don’t require much programming. Once installed, they become compatible with your existing in-car system of garage door operation.

Key Chain, Visor Clip or Keyless Entry

  • Keychain Remote:  These are compact and easy to carry remotes that can be kept within reach for maximum security. Put it in your pocket or purse and is ideal for most national garage door brands. Usually, they can operate from 100 ft away.
  • Visor Remote Control: They work with openers equipped with DIP switches. It can be a replacement transmitter for various manufacturers. Located at the visor clip of the car, it can be operated from a range of 100 ft.
  • Keyless Entry Remotes: A simple pin can be used to control the garage door opener remote. The wireless universal keyless entry pad can be programmed to work with any model. Our models have backlit keys making them highly utilitarian in the dark.

 Advantages of Replacing Remote from Our Experts

 A non-functional remote can be quiet annoying. When replacing the battery doesn’t work, it is time to call our professionals. We have highly trained professional ready to solve your remote control issues. They are abreast with the latest technologies incorporated by manufacturers including LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain and many more. From antenna position to frequency modulation, we handle everything. Owners are also given small 15 minute training on proper use of remote functions and features.

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