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Garage Door Repair

When you ask a friend or acquaintance, “what is the best local garage door repair company?” you will get a universal reply, Vaughan Garage Doors. That’s the respect we have earned among local Vaughan residents. And rightfully so! Our complete range of garage door repair services includes every aspect of garage door realm. And icing on the cake is our pricing that suits every budget.

When you are hunting for local Vaughan garage door repair services, trust our experts to deliver world-class services at your doorstep.

Opener Repair & Replacement

Opener is a significant component of modern day automatic garage doors. Openers come in wide variety and range. They are usually characterized as per power ratings. You can buy openers having ½ or ¾ horse power. Custom made doors can require more powerful opener in the range of 1.5 or even 2 HP.

Furthermore, openers can be classified broadly into three categories namely chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. Chain drive is noisy but powerful while belt drives are much quieter. They can also be ordered in powerful versions but the subsequent rise in price offsets many homeowners. Openers have to be installed in conjunction with steel stiffeners that prevent panel distortion. Contact us to buy openers at discounted prices or repair your old garage door opener.

Various Parts and Accessories

Today, garage doors come with a huge range of parts and security features. The automatic doors contain sensors, remotes, latches, pulleys, tracks, hinges and much more. All these parts need regular maintenance and servicing. And once they are well past their age of operation, they need to be replaced by newer parts. We, at Vaughan Garage Doors, deal in original spare parts for every garage door make and model.

Accessories also form a huge market. The panel design, finish and style can be enhanced by these accessories. From glass windows to antique hinges and handles, customers can specify any choice as per their desire. Security features, such as fingerprint security and entry keypads, demand attention. Our repair professionals consult homeowners to rightly match the perfect accessory with their existing garage door to exude more style.

Skilled Technicians at their Very Best

In Vaughan, we represent an army of skilled technicians that are highly gifted in best local garage door repair. Out talented employees are trained for years and then gain hands-on experience with all the makes and models from every major brand. We are ranked prestigiously among the few garage door repair services that provide the ultimate combination of style and efficiency.

Our durable products and services are covered generously by warranty and guarantee. We provide reliable and quick 24X7 garage door servicing in Vaughan. There is no street or corner we can’t reach within minutes of receiving call from the customer. Our experts are ready to be dispatched round the clock.

Here are some of the problems we encounter daily:

  • Stripped gears
  • Universal Remote failure
  • Broken garage door cables
  • Springs and rollers
  • Automated sliding door repair
  • Overhead door repair

Competitive pricing is another awesome feature we are proud to display. We have to most budget-friendly pricing among our competitors. Every major service offers high value when compared dollar to dollar. Our range of industry leading services and products has won us the trust of our huge local clientele.

One-Stop for Garage Door Repair Services

Today’s sophisticated garage doors have highly sensitive parts that require regular maintenance. Let our professional’s keen eyes spot the trouble before it snowballs into major problem. Instead of spending money on time-consuming expensive services, trust us with all your garage door repair needs. Being licensed and registered adds more value to our company.

Vaughan garage door offers unmatched service at unbelievable prices. And all this comes with a high degree of professionalism. Our emergency services are well regarded locally as the best when it comes to instant response.

Simply dial our number and experience Vaughan Garage Door Repair service difference.

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