Garage Door Spring

Looking at a Broken Garage Door Spring?

Garage Door Spring

Garage doors have been an integral part of Canadian lives since decades. Over the years, they have evolved into many different shapes and sizes. From one-piece doors in the early 1940’s to the modern day light-weight aluminum sectional garage doors. The components have also evolved and so have the springs.

Garage doors springs are vital component of the garage door operation especially extension springs. We, at Vaughan Garage Doors, undertake extensive garage door spring repair and replacement. Our talented experts perform spring replacement with complete safety and high efficiency.

Why Springs are the Life and Blood of your Garage Door?

Springs perform the all-important function of lifting and closing your garage door owing to the huge torque stored in them. Extension springs contain tension when the door is in down position. In order to repair them, the door has to be held high to lower tension. The opener attached to the spring acts only as signal sending device. The springs do the hard work.

Both spring types, extension and torsion, are mounted on sectional doors these days. The long cable and pulley arrangement makes these springs much more difficult to repair. Owing to the high force stored in these springs, only professional repair services are recommended. And Vaughan Garage Door professionals are always up to the mark.

Types of Garage Door Springs – Extension vs. Torsion Argument

Extension springs have energy stored in them through stretching or extending. During the door closure, the weight is removed slowly from the adjacent horizontal track and this adds tension to the stretching spring. Every extension spring is always installed in a pair. Each spring runs parallel to the horizontal garage door tracks. Tension is provided by each spring independently regardless of the other spring. Adding metal pulleys provides mechanical advantage. However, these springs can be plagues by ‘one side lagging’ issue. Sides can be balanced by adjusting the tension springs to remove the problem.

Torsion springs are installed as per door’s weight and size. There can be multiple springs, 1 to 4, for a single door. They are attached to a metal shaft which is installed directly above the opening point of the door. Aluminum springs are attached on each shaft end for safety. The tension springs are wound after this drum installation. The shaft is distributed evenly with the entire force of the torsion springs. For door operation, the force is moved on to both drums simultaneously which turns the garage door cable equally on both sides. The ‘walking’ phenomenon is eliminated in this torsion spring arrangement.

When to Worry About Garage Door Springs Breaking?

Yes, when garage door springs show signs of snapping, it is time to worry. There are substantial risks that come with spring about to break free. Loose retention wires can cause springs to violently snap out of the arrangement. This can cause damage to the nearby equipment including your expensive car. Worse still, any person in close proximity can be hurt real bad!

Perhaps the biggest blunder any homeowner can commit is to repair springs on their own without proper knowledge and tools. Is the tremendous torque stored in these springs were to unleash, the results can be fatal.

Whenever the cable or springs breaks loose, the consequences can be catastrophic. Simply imagine snapping a steel rubber band with great force. So, Vaughan Garage Doors always recommends professionals for garage door spring repair.

Can I Replace My Garage Door Springs?

No. If you are the ‘average Joe’ with limited tools and knowledge, we suggest you stay away from such DIY projects. Trust the Vaughan Garage Door experts since they are trained to handle these repair jobs. We carry all the special tools and equipment necessary to complete the project. And with our affordable pricing, why take the risk?

Vaughan Garage Doors is Worth Dialing

If your garage door torsion springs are not working properly, give our experts a call. Anytime 24X7! We will reach your home within minutes to take stock of the situation. When it is time for a spring to be replaced, simply call a professional. Our economical garage door services are well worth the price.

Refrain from indulging in spring replacement by yourself. Call our garage door repair professionals for instant repair solutions.

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